We all know at least one staffing/recruiting/headhunting/talent placement (choose your own word) company. And many out there do it well. They come in all shapes and sizes, different areas of focus, etc.

What’s unique about Be Group is its follow up. We contact candidates after the hiring process is complete to see if the job aligns with their intended career path.

On the employer side, we periodically check in to understand the progress and fit of the new employee and support the employer and the new employee in the important transition in becoming a valuable team member. This feedback loop is critical for all concerned – employee, employer and Be Group!

Research proves that new employees fail for numerous reasons – missed expectations, not enough challenges, stifled creativity, no recognition for contributions and many others. The single common theme in most of the research is that while finding top talent is difficult, retaining newly acquired talent is an even bigger challenge. Losing talent is expensive and disruptive. Be Group works from the start of the search process well past the hire date to assure the needs of all involved are met effectively.

In the graphic above, you see employees are constantly frustrated and looking to make a change about every three years. Even in a down economy, 2 million Americans quit their job every month.

The old way of thinking was that people would likely go through seven or eight job changes during a 30-year career. In today’s world of work people are likely to go through 15 or 20 job changes during a 50-year career.

Regardless of the workplace seniority or academic degrees they attain, employees must continuously engage in self-improvement. Adding skills is now of the utmost importance. To be part of the game, employees must be getting better all of the time.

Be Group wants to help shift the data by ensuring that employees are growing, adding skills, making a difference and being recognized. This makes employers happy because they don’t have to spend their time hiring, firing and rehiring.