How To Hire Generation Z Employees

How To Hire Generation Z EmployeesNow that we have finally figured out how to work effectively with Millennials (Generation Y), Generation Z employees are coming into the workplace at a rapid pace and their needs are very different from past generations.

Generation Z applicants have the following demographics:

  • Their parents are Gen x’ers
  • Over 23 million Americans make up the Generation Z demographic
  • They search the web for knowledge
    • 24-hr news programming has always been present in their lives
  • They have been completely immersed in technology since they were born
    • Social media platforms have always been available to them growing up
      • Their life is an open book on social media

Here are some secrets to what Gen Z applicants are looking for.  They:

  • Need their work to be meaningful
  • Understand they are the ones to make the magic happen – it’s up to them to reach their goals
  • Want to feel validated and valued for their knowledge and input
  • Seek tangible benefits from their employers
    • Top quality insurance benefits
    • Profitable and growing retirement funds
    • Job security
    • They are not looking for the “bells and whistles” perks as the Millennials required – gone are the days of the on-site coffee barista

Many of these Gen Z secrets are entirely different from Millennial’s wants and needs in the hiring and onboarding process.

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