Be Group Launches Beferral

Beferral is a trusted candidate referral program by Be Group. When you join Beferral, you help us to identify qualified candidates for our open positions.

Sign Up for Beferral
The process starts as you build your circle of colleagues, or your Beferral network. When someone is referred from your Beferral circles and becomes employed, Be Group pays you and the appropriate people in your network a­ Beferral bonus. Think of it as pay-forward crowdsourcing for recruiting!

Be Group will email you a list of open job requirements we’re helping clients fill. We ask that you review these and let us know if any of your friends, relatives or past co-workers may be interested. Just pass us their name and contact information or have them contact us directly. It’s that easy to help someone you know find what may be the perfect opportunity!

Invite Others to Join Beferral
Doing so allows you to construct your Beferral circles. As a result, anyone referred from your circle who becomes employed earns you a bonus. A total of three circles can be built around you, and the number of those you invite is unlimited.
For Questions or to Refer Candidates